Since going online in 2003, Technoids.org periodically adds links of interest to software developers and computer users and administrators. We hope you find them helpful.

Most of our initial pages dealt with Sendmail configuration. Those pages now reside on their author's own web site. Then still contain significant useful information

Later links focus on Java, XML and internationalization (I18n).  Java links appear in at least two places: under Programming Language and on the Android page . XML and internationalization links are on the I18n page.

You'll find pages on MySQL (and the newer MariaDB) and SQLite. The page on the Bazaar version control system (bzr) will help bring you up to speed on contributing to MySQL and MariaDB.

Linux links (for users, developers and administrators) cover several popular distributions. Then include information on rpmbuild and secure Linux (SELinux).

Technoids.org also includes links for iOS and Android Development.

You'll find other topics as well. Have fun!

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